MY TIME IS NOW – MI TIEMPO ES AHORA, is a collection of five children story tales which enhance values such as friendship, honesty, or good manners. This third work of RosaMari, is also illustrated with a large number of illustrations and elegant fashion designs exclusively created for this book along side with a selection of tales. All this work has been created during her artistic career. It is an educative work and first time one of her books has been translated into English.

Languages: Spanish English
LUZ Y COLOR, contains the art work and writings of RosaMari Lorenzo, after her visit to El Perú in 2002. Through a series of short stories and illustrations, RosaMari introduces us to her personal vision of the Southamerican country, full of adventures and curiosities. This pictorical homage has its foundation in the light and colour that inspired her on its creation.
AVENTURAS DE TRES AMIGOS, is a collection of adventures of three good friends: Pepín, Peón and Tristras and their daily lifes. Fully illustrated with naif illustrations, the book contains the stories of these friends while attending school, cleaning their rooms or having breakfast, in a fun and visual manner. Combaning educative and entertaining elements, these stories are a journey to our own infancy.
This fourth book contains different topics. And as a fan light, color and art in general, I deal with some smooth touches the life, attitude and works of great spanish painter named Joaquín Sorolla, guiding the visit to his Museum a great teacher named Leo, who enjoys that one day he decided to choose: teaching.

Languages: Spanish English

RosaMari Lorenzo Aguilera, painter and now also writer has presented at the ATENEO her two books "MY TIME IS NOW - MI TIEMPO ES AHORA" and "LA EXCURSIÓN". Presided over the event the president at the ATENEO Pedro Fernández Juárez, intervening distinguished lawyer Ana Maestro, our editor Vicente Llópiz, and the granddaughter of the painter Sorolla Fabiola Armarza Lorente Sorolla.
RosaMari Lorenzo Aguilera, presented her fifth book entitled:
On the Centro Riojano de Madrid, located at c/ Serrano Nº 25 on May 22, 2015.
Presented by Ignacio Rodriguez of viveLibro publisher. Who made and gave the author a lovely poster of the book cover that chaired the whole act.
Participating in the presentation: Ana Maestro, Vicente Llópiz and RosaMari, who explained the reasons that led to this book, where we can see that the protagonists have grown up, we also find a new protagonist named Teresa, and each of the pages are filled with surprises, including many illustrations.
The Centro Riojano recorded the event, which gave later in a beautiful video to RosaMari, painter and author of the book.


Francisco Campuzano once said: "No abandones las ganas de hacer de tu vida algo extraordinario" ("Do not abandon the desire to make your life extraordinary")
A dream come true, by Ignacio Rodríguez of viveLibro publisher, who invited me to sign copies at the 74 Feria del Libro de Madrid, on Friday, June 5 in the afternoon, of this stunning 2015. Located in the Paseo de Coches del Retiro.
It was a wonderful experience, which I have had the opportunity to learn many things and meeting people like the two great writers, with whom I shared the booth 135 of the publisher.
On April 15, 2016 is presented in Madrid the novel"EL PAÑUELO BLANCO".
It is the 6th book of this painter and writer, but this time she was decided by the mystery novel. "EL PAÑUELO BLANCO". It is NOT a children's book, how far we had become accustomed.
The presentation was directed very eloquently by Alex, who has also been the corrector of this 6th book. Also spoke at the ceremony the journalist, writer and editor of a cultural magazine, Vicente Llópiz.
The author of this interesting novel RosaMari, and all artwork, gave a soft brush strokes on the content, without revealing the mystery of his new novel.
"¡ Surely those who read it will not stay indifferent !", told us the author.
Following, the interesting interview with the author RosaMari, by Raquel Aguero, the viveLibro publisher (only in spanish).